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Your One-Stop PPE Supplier

We understand that locating the proper PPE supplies and other specialty items can be challenging and time-consuming. By streamlining the sourcing and shipping procedures, we make the experience as quick and simple as possible.

What We Offer

Sometimes it is difficult to procure the supplies you need for your business. In addition, finding the right pricing for a particular product can also be a real challenge − especially if you are looking for customized items to fit your unique needs. Abundant Holdings can step in and help you find what you need − from bulk safety equipment, and everything in between − we do the work so that you don't have to!



Abundant Holdings

We are your one-stop source for laboratories, health care organizations, and commercial businesses looking to purchase personal protective equipment from a global supplier. 


With over three decades of expertise, Abundant Holdings is well suited to serve as your preferred supplier for PPE. In addition, we have the capacity and knowledge to fulfill bulk orders of hard-to-find items. Due to our longstanding relationship with manufacturers, we are able to obtain high-quality goods at factory-direct prices.


Our Advantage

One-Stop Solution

We procure a wide variety of PPE including hard-to-find items


We secure top quality products, that the industry has to offer 


Our customers' have experienced overall cost savings up to 15%.

Bulk Orders

We can procure any size order, even if it's in high-demand


We offer a professional service that won’t be matched by any other vendor

Certified Supplier

We are GSA and NIOSH 

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